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I had a wake up call around 8 weeks postpartum. I was suffering from very bad constipation, which led to hemorrhoids and probably contributed to the poor healing of a tear from giving birth. I was in the bathroom screaming in pain and my baby was crying, needing me. It was in that moment, I felt so helpless and realized I need to do something to get my postpartum healing together.
I had an easy pregnancy and labor and I was so caught off guard with all the postpartum issues that only seemed to worsen as time went on. Before starting this program I was eating what would be considered a healthy diet, so I was baffled at why I was feeling so terrible.
I am happy to say that my issues with constipation have resolved and I am also having more energy and less brain fog than before I started, which I didn’t even realize were issues I was facing until I started feeling much better. It is amazing how much I have improved with the guidance of this course in several short weeks!



4 months postpartum

FHM Live expert support

This was one of my favorite parts of the course! I also loved being able to connect with everyone on a deeper level. I really appreciated all the questions that were answered and that Ameya was personally with each of us but let anyone ask questions at any time. Super helpful!


9 weeks postpartum

FHM Private FB group

I love the FB group. Ameya was quick to respond and answer questions in full. Other ladies also chimed in and help provide suggestions or insights to my questions. I loved seeing others questions, responses, and reading more about their experiences. It helped me feel more connected to everyone else doing the course together, and not like I was doing it on my own, alone.


14 months postpartum

6-week full recovery schedule mock up

When I had started the course I had just recovered from a mastitis where I had a high fever for several days. The mastitis left me feeling depleted, overwhelmed and strained. I felt like I lost a lot of the healing progress I had made up to that point. Then I found this course, I followed all the steps and I felt more grounded in my body, mind and spirit.

With finishing this course I feel put back together, rejuvenated and strong to be the best mama I can be. My digestion feels strong and I feel like I am assimilating all of my nutrients for me and my baby. My body and spirit feel vital and ready to take on the next part of the journey. I feel even better than before I was pregnant!


14 weeks postpartum

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