Samadhi Integrated Massage- 1-2 hours: Deeply Relaxing + Releasing- This massage utilizes deep tissue and relaxation techniques for the release of stress and tension to achieve a state of peace and relaxation. $75/hr

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage- 1.5-3 hours: Deep Release + Softening- this traditional Hawaiian massage uses organic coconut oil and deep forearm work to smooth out tight, stiff, and painful areas until the body is smooth and supple.  The body becomes the stage in this graceful dance that will leave you tension free and in a state of bliss. $75/hr

Abhyanga1.5 hours: Relaxing and Detoxifying-this classic massage from the Ayurvedic tradition uses potent organic herbal oils to achieve a state of deep relaxation and the release of impurities from the body and mind. $120

Marma Point Massage- 1 hour: Energizing and Balancing This massage from the Ayurvedic tradition focuses on Marmani, physical manifestations of the subtle energy pathways of the body. Working these points clears energy blockages, cleanses the body’s pathways and invigorates the organs. These points are similar to acupuncture points in Chinese Medicine and are treated by energizing massage, acupressure and essential oils. $85

Ayurvedic Postpartum Massage- 1 hour: Nourishing + Rejuvenating-This is a MUST HAVE for any postpartum mother, or any mother in need of deep relaxation and nourishing touch. Using warm organic Ayurvedic oils, hot water bottles, pillows and a heated table, this Ayurvedic massage gently releases impurities from the birth, coaxes organs back in place, replenishes the body’s moisture and brings on a deep state of relaxation and peace. Recommended for the first 40 days after delivery. Single house call $150. Packages available.

Ayurvedic Infant Massage Instruction- 60 minutes: Calming + Digestive- Infant massage is a daily recommendation for baby’s maximum health and vitality. It is very soothing to their system and greatly reduces colic and body discomforts while promoting deep rest, strength and their immune system. $95

Soothing Pain Relief Package – This includes a 2 hour Samadhi, or Lomi Lomi massage and 15 minutes of Nadi Swedana steam therapy (see below for description). $160

Massage and Swedana Herbal Steam Package – Add therapeutic herbal steam therapy to your massage to receive maximum benefits. add $35

Ayurveda Therapies


Client’s Choice* Rejuvenation Package

Includes Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana and Nasya (see individual descriptions below)

1 day – $275 3 days – $750 5 days – $1200 7 days – $1600

A la Carte

Shirodhara– 50 minutes– this blissful, stress reducing therapy begins with a warm oil massage of the head, neck, shoulders and feet. Warm herbal oil is then poured in a steady flow over the forehead for 30 minutes, achieving a deep state of relaxation and bliss. Benefits include relief from headaches, anxiety, insomnia, mental tensions, nervous system disorders, blood disorders, weak digestion to name a few. $130

Swedana- 30 minutes: This herbal steam therapy is generally used in conjunction with oil massage. This herbal steam treatment dilates the blood vessels for the easy elimination of toxins. The medicinal oil penetrates deep into the tissues and the body becomes nourished and relaxed. This treatment eliminates excess of all three doshas and relieves conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, mental stress, constipation, obesity, edema, cold and cough. $35

Nadi Swedana- 15 minutes: topical application of herbal steam on specific areas of the body. This medicated steam burns up localized toxins, relieves pain and swelling and restores proper circulation to the area. This treatment is used to alleviate painful swelling of the joints, back pain, stiffness and heaviness in the neck and limbs, arthritic pain and sprains. Used in conjunction with massage. $25

Pinda Swedana- 1 hour: This immune-enhancing rejuvenation therapy uses hot boluses containing medicated milk pudding and is massaged by two synchronized therapists over the entire body. This treatment revitalizes the entire body and relieves MS, rheumatoid and osteoarthritis, gout, bronchial asthma, toxic blood, skin disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes. $175

Netra Basti45 minutes: bathing the eyes in ghee. This unique therapy uses the medicinal properties of ghee to release tension in the eyes, draw out impurities and nourish the brain and nervous system. This treatment is beneficial for most eye ailments as well as being a beauty therapy by removing wrinkles, improving complexion and giving luster to the eyes. Includes a face and scalp massage. $60

Nasya- 15 minutes:  the application of herbal oil up the nasal passageway. One of the five actions of Panchakarma, this therapy relieves ailments of the head, neck, sinus and throat. Migraine headaches, earaches, sinusitis, convulsions, facial paralysis and speech disorders are a few examples. $20

Pizhichili- 1 hour: The royal oil bath of Ayurveda- This unique and luxurious treatment involves two therapists pouring and massaging warm herbal oil over the entire body. This form of oleation is the most beneficial for rejuvenating the nervous system. This rejuvenating treatment strengthens the tissues and relieves sciatica, paralysis, hypertension, motor neuron diseases, arthritis, muscle spasms, degenerative muscle diseases, fractures, frozen shoulder and cerebral palsy. $225