Let me be clear right from the start. Mother’s massage is not a luxuryit is a necessity. Please take a moment to let that sink in. The birth and postpartum is not only about the baby, it is just as much about you. Of course, you want to do whatever it takes to care for your little angel. I very much want that for you too (that’s why I’m here  ). Let’s step back for a moment and look at the bigger picture.

Have you considered how your own recovery and health will effect your ability to mother? You see, if you just give, give, give, with no consideration for your own well-being, it will not only be you who suffers the consequences.

Not receiving the support you need will surely have consequences on your family as a whole. Why am I saying this? Because I cannot stress this point enough. It’s not that you should have mother’s massage or even that you deserve it (which you definitely do). Simply put, it’s because your body needs it. Without a healthy mother, the whole family suffers.

Why is Mother’s Massage SO Important?

Birth and postpartum are a unique time in a woman’s life. It is a crossroads where the veil between life and death, health and sickness becomes very thin. All possibilities of vitality, fatigue, happiness and sadness are held in a delicate balance during this window of time.

Secretly held within this crossroads, is an incredible opportunity to rebuild your vitality from square one. Just as your heart will be reborn in the love of your new child, your body will be rebirthed into your new mother’s body. One of the most important ways to rejuvenate your body’s tissues, is with daily warm oil massage

Think of it like this: Your pregnant and pre-pregnancy body is like a plump juicy grape (lol!). After birth, your postpartum body becomes like a shriveled, dried up raisin. Yes, adding water to rehydrate the raisin is a good start, but once a raisin, it will never be a plump juicy grape again, right? In order for your (grape) body to not turn into this postpartum raisin after birth, you need to maintain it with a lot of oils. That is where daily postpartum oil massage comes in 

Listed below are some of the many benefits of mother’s oil massage:

  • supports hormonal function and balance
  • supports healthy lactation
  • balances cortisol – the stress hormone
  • reduces probability of postpartum mood disorders
  • reduces adrenal fatigue
  • nourishes the nervous system
  • promotes circulation and relieves stagnation
  • reduces swelling
  • replacement for exercise during postpartum
  • promotes deep sleep
  • supports digestion
  • gently releases impurities
  • nourishes and lubricates tissues, joints and muscles
  • eases aches and pains
  • stimulates healthy function of the immune system
  • increases vitality
  • anti-aging (especially effective during postpartum)
  • nourishes emotions and connection to the inner-self
  • provides structured self-care and healing time
The warmth, oiliness, repetitive, nurturing and gentle nature of this practice are what make it so healing for postpartum mothers. Stress hormones are naturally brought back into balance, breast tissues are soothed, tummies regain their shape, digestion is improved and deep rest is achieved.

Mother’s Massage Options

There are a few options to achieving the goal of receiving daily mother’s massage.

  1. Hiring a professional – This is the best option of you can afford it. An Ayurdoula, or Ayurvedic massage practitioner would be ideal. Any massage therapist that specializes in postpartum massage is great as well. Ask them to use heated unrefined sesame oil (very important!), gentle pressure and a hot water bottle for your tummy and lower back. Also, if you can’t afford all 6 weeks, I recommend receiving as many massages in a row as possible. It is more beneficial to receive 6 massages in a row, than one massage a week for 6 weeks.
  2. Massage from your family and friends – This is a viable option as well. If your partner or other loved ones would like to offer you a simple oil massage, go for it! Make sure the use warm unrefined sesame oil, and place an old sheet on the bed to avoid getting oil on your bedding.
  3. Self Massage – Sometimes if you want to get something done, you just have to do it yourself! I know it is difficult to find more than 2 minutes for yourself after baby arrives, but I recommend getting creative to make sure you get this done everyday. If you would like to learn self-massage, I teach this along with other healing practices in my postpartum recovery program, Fully Healed Mama.

Bath Time!

I highly recommend taking a hot bath after your massage and not before. Hot water dilates the pores of your skin and the channels of your body, allowing the healing properties of the oil to penetrate your tissues more deeply.

As we all know, baths are very soothing and relaxing, which you need more than ever. Adding a little lavender essential oil and a candle is a nice touch. Sitz bath herbs filtered in a cloth bag, would also be quite beneficial.  You can choose to have bath time as a personal time to reflect and meditate, or have bath bonding time with your baby (hopefully after she/he had baby massage!).

Daily oil massage is essential in order to fully heal from birth. Whether it comes from a massage therapist, Ayurdoula, partner, friend, or yourself, prioritizing your own well-being will not only benefit you, but your family as well.


  1. Mrs Yusuf

    Thank you so much for your blogs. I’ve learnt so much and continue to learn. I’m 8 months pregnant and educating myself on how to take care of ME after birth. Something I’ve never really thought about till I came across your page. I’ve shared your page with expecting mothers because it’s juat that amazing!! Thanks again!

    • Ameya

      Hi Mrs. Yusuf! That is AWESOME that you are getting a handle on postpartum care while your still pregnant! I can’t tell you how many times (mostly) I get calls from new moms scrambling for help after their baby has already arrived. I don’t recommend this! It makes me SO happy to know that new moms are prioritizing their own postpartum care. I can’t wait for the day that postpartum care is just as valued as prenatal care in our society. 🙂

  2. Lavanya

    I have 1month 26days old baby

    I have to manage alone having a toddler

    I have seviour body pain how to overcome this plz help me out to do myself with proper procedure

    • Ameya

      I’m sorry to hear you are having severe body pain, among having to care for two little ones! I have emailed you and included a video instruction of me showing how to do
      postpartum abhyanga oil massage on Zoom. For best results, use Bala Ashwagandha oil- here is a link https://snp.link/10964121. Afterwards, take a nice hot bath. Let me know if you need any more help. We could set up a consultation.

  3. Ayesha

    Is it ok to have a massage on alternate days as I have hired a lady for massaging and alternate days / 3 times a week is what we could arrange. Also if everyday massage is followed by hot bath, is it recommended to wash hair everyday as that is generally thought to be cold inducing.

    • Ameya

      Hi Ayesha! Yes that’s fine. The ideal would be 3 days in a row, but alternate days also works. No, it’s not recommended to wash your hair everyday. I would recommend washing your hair on the days you don’t have massage, that way, you let the oils soak in. The main thing is be careful not to catch a chill with an oily head!


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