This Vegan Lactation Recipe Will Increase Your Breast Milk Supply

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If you are a breastfeeding mother, an ample supply of nutritious breast milk is a top priority. I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have boxes of herbal lactation teas stockpiled in your kitchen pantry, queued for your ritual teatime. While boxed lactation teas are a great start, you can build up a higher quality supply with this deliciously vegan lactation recipe.

Ayurveda is India’s traditional system of natural healing. It can help us achieve a life of balance through diet, lifestyle, herbal medicine, cleansing and rejuvenation practices. According to ancient Ayurvedic texts, rasayanas (special rejuvenative foods), are necessary to build a postpartum mother’s vitality and breast milk supply after birth.

Rejuvenative milk tonics (think golden milk) have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Milk tonics are a synergistic combination of milk and herbs that work together to promote a deeper level of healing. In Ayurvedic pharmacology, this is achieved through the use of an anupan, or vehicle, that carries the healing properties of the herbs to a specific bodily system. In this case, fresh almond milk is the carrier that delivers the healing qualities of the herbs directly to the reproductive system for efficient use.

Although Ayurveda does utilize fresh cow’s milk for its health and nutritional benefits, fresh almond milk is an

pregnant mother with milk
excellent dairy-free alternative for those who can’t consume dairy, or choose not to. This healthy little nut is packed with the nutrients needed to nourish both you and your breastfeeding baby.

What Makes This Dairy-Free Milk Tonic Good For Lactation?

vegan milk tonic in glass
Can you guess what the key ingredient in this vegan lactation recipe is? Surprise, surprise, it’s almonds! Not only are almonds one of Ayurveda’s top rejuvenative foods for postnatal vitality, studies also show they help to increase the supply of breast milk among breastfeeding mothers.

In addition to nutritive almond milk, this lactation recipe includes the indian spices of fenugreek, ginger and turmeric, which are also known to improve breast milk production. Studies show this triage of spices can increase your milk supply by a whopping 100% when taken daily after birth!

Food As Medicine

 As you can see, this dairy-free lactation recipe will improve the amount of breastmilk available to your baby, making it a worthy addition to your postnatal diet whether you are vegan or not. This recipe is just one example of how food can act as medicine in an Ayurvedic postpartum diet.

Now let’s cut to the chase and start making some SWEET breast milk (pun intended)!

Mama's Vegan Milk Tonic Lactation Recipe

Prep Time 8 hours
Course: Drinks
Cuisine: Ayurvedic Postpartum
Servings: 2
Author: Ameya



  • Soak almonds overnight and peel.
  • Add all the ingredients to a high powered blender and blend on high for one minute or until well combined.
  • Make fresh daily, and drink warm for the first 40 days after birth.


Serving: 2cups

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