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What’s Your Plan?

One thing is for certian. You need to plan for your postpartum recovery….BEFORE baby arrives. So what’s your plan?

Do you have your postpartum diet dialed? Know what recipes you are eating? Who’s cooking? Are you stocked up on ingredients? Do you have household support? Herbal support? Massage support? 

If you would like professional advice planning for your optimum postpartum recovery, I’m here for you. Together we will make the perfect plan specifially for your needs.

Custom Postpartum Diet Plan w/Recipes

Would having a customized postpartum diet plan with recipes for your specific needs give you piece of mind? It will certainly help you recover strong and ensure a digestible breast milk supply for your baby. Together with my Ayurvedic postpartum diet and recipe expertise, we will make you a customized weekly diet plan to ensure you have the tools you need to eat your way to a healthy postpartum recovery.


What’s Included

  • a 45 minute postpartum diet planning session over Zoom
  • a customized 6 week postpartum diet plan PDF with weekly recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks
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Virtual Postnatal Consultations

Having regular professional AyurDoula consultations will make a significant positive impact on your postpartum recovery. We will touch in regularly on all aspects of you and your baby’s health, including diet, breastfeeding, rest, care, routine, complications and emotions. I will make the appropriate recommendations and corrections needed to ensure you stay on the path to a vital postpartum recovery.

Herbal Support

Ayurvedic postpartum teas, herbs, herbal ghee and herbal foods all play and important role in postnatal rejuvenation. Interested in  stocking up on some basic postnatal herbs? Or would you like to take your rejuvenation to the next level with specialized herbal support? Book your FREE 30 minute consultation to learn the best herbal supports for your postpartum healing.

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