Ayurveda & Massage

 @ PureJoy Yoga


Shakti Massage

 Deep Tissue + Relaxation

90 minutes ~ $145

This massage utilizes warm oil in conjunction with deep tissue and relaxation techniques for the release of stress and tension in the body and mind.

Abhyanga Massage

Relaxing and Detoxifying

75 minutes ~ $135

This classic massage from the Ayurvedic tradition uses potent organic herbal oils to achieve a state of deep relaxation and the release of impurities from the body and mind.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Deep Release + Softening

120 minutes ~ $195

 This traditional Hawaiian massage uses coconut oil and deep forearm work to smooth out tight, stiff, and painful areas. The body becomes a stage in this graceful dance that will leave you tension free and in a state of bliss.

Marma Point Massage

 Energizing and Balancing

60 minutes ~ $105

Marma points are the Ayurvedic equivalent of acupuncture points in Chinese medicine. Working these points clears energy blockages, cleanses the body’s pathways and invigorates the organs through energizing massage, acupressure and essential oils.

Postpartum Abhyanga Massage

 Nourishing + Rejuvenating

75 minutes ~ $135

This is a MUST HAVE for all postpartum mothers. Using warm Ayurvedic oils, this rejuvenating massage gently releases impurities, replenishes the body’s moisture and strength, as well as brings a deep state of relaxation and peace. Recommended for the first 40 days after delivery. Packages available.

Postpartum Consultations

60 minutes ~ $95

Together we will create a plan for your strong and vibrant postpartum recovery. 



Practiced in India since ancient times, Ayurveda teaches how to be in balance with your environment, physical body, mind and internal Self. Healing through Ayurveda goes beyond just taking pills or herbs. Learn your individual constitution and gain balanced health through individualized diet, lifestyle, massage and cleansing therapies.

Go Deeper 

AyurDoula Postpartum Care

Postpartum care is an essential aspect of birth that is often overlooked. With in-home AyurDoula support, you will thrive through rejuvenative herbal foods, daily abhyanga massage and consultations that will keep you and your baby balanced and in bliss.

Pancha Karma Cleanse 

This traditional Ayurvedic cleanse will purge your body of unwanted toxins and bring balance to body and mind. The Pancha Karma cleanse includes a special diet, Ayurvedic treatments, herbs and a strong reslove. 



What They Say


 Ameya’s postpartum massage was healing in so many ways, but the most profound were her soft demeanor and the presences of ancestral knowledge that came through her hands into my body.


Thank you for guiding me through the Panchakarma process. Due to your caring nature and knowledgeable presence, even Vamana was so easy. I thoroughly enjoyed all of the Ayurvedic therapies.


I have been fortunate to recently discover Ameya’s massage services. Her massages have been relaxing and therapeutic. I particularly appreciate that each massage is a bit different, as well as her use of warm oil in all massages. I also appreciate the uplifting environment and quiet music of your choice. Highly recommended!!


My favorite treatment is Ameya’s Pain Relief Package. A year of acupuncture has not helped the swelling of my knee to the degree that Ameya has in one session! Ameya is my favorite Ayurvedic practioner and massage therapist. She has the sensitivity and expertise to fit whatever your needs are.

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